On holding the public hearing to review the materials on safety justificaiton for lifetime extension of Zaporizhzhya NPP Power units № 1 and 2 at Vodiane village

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For realizing the rights of the public and its associations to take part in review and decision-making process related to the use of nuclear energy and based on the principles of openness and accessibility of information of its activity, the Executive Committee of Vodiane Village Council jointly with SS “Zaporizhzhya NPP” of SE NNEGC “Energoatom” (ZNPP) starts the process of holding the public hearing to review the materials on safety justification for lifetime extension of ZNPP power units No 1 and 2. The procedure for holding the public hearing is defined by CMU Resolution No 1122 dated 18.07.1998

The reason for the beginning of the public hearing process is expiration of the designed lifetime of ZNPP power unit No1 on 23.12.2015 and power unit No2 on 19.02.2016 correspondingly and development of the Reports on Periodic Safety Reassessment in this relation, which are the main documents on the basis of which the State Nuclear Regulatory Inspectorate of Ukraine (SNRIU) makes a decision on the possibility of lifetime extension of the power units.

The design-established 30 years-long VVER-1000 unit lifetime was based on the exclusively conservative estimates grounded on the knowledge level on the last century’s 70s and 80s. The practical operational experience demonstrated that the actual lifetime of main NPP components was   significantly longer than it had been envisaged earlier and the replacement of other components could be made at relatively low cost.

The tendency for power unit lifetime extension is normal in numerous NPP operating countries; the Great Britain, Canada, Russia, the USA and France have gained the practical knowledge in this area. Ukraine is also on the list. There are currently three running domestic power units, which received SNRIU licenses for lifetime extension.

“The Energy Strategy of Ukraine for the Period till 2030” defines the lifetime extension of the operated NPP power units as one of the prerequisites for achieving the declared goals. The implementation of this condition provides for the energy independence of our state, especially when other national electric energy producers do not reliably support the power balance, and for power generation support till the new capacities are commissioned.  Besides, this will give a possibility to accumulate the required funds for decommissioning the operated power units without significant overloading the consumer.

The public hearing regarding the review of materials on safety justification of Zaporizhzhya NPP power units No 1 and 2 lifetime extension will be held in the Executive Committee hall  of Vodiane Village Council on October 07, 2015 at 2:00 p.m. at the following address: Vodiane Village, 145-а, Myru St.

SS ZNPP experts will render the information support and assistance for the public hearing. The event agenda envisages the following:

- Presentation of materials on safety justification of ZNPP power units No1 and 2 lifetime extension;

- Replies to the questions and comments of participants of the hearing;

- Collection of proposals, questions and comments received during the hearing.

We look forward to an active participation and assistance of all public organizations, mass media and individuals in the process of the public hearing.

Requests and proposals are received by telephone/fax (06139) 6-21-27, 6-21-81, or by e-mail:

While submitting requests and proposals, please provide the surname, first name and patronymic and mail or e-mail address or telephone and fax number (if necessary) of the requester for providing a reply.

The contact person: Mr. Aleksei Petrovich Tsviliy (the Information Center of the Department for public and mass media liaison).