Generating the Energy Future of Ukraine – SE “NNEGC “Energoatom” presents the Sustainability Report 2017

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In 2017 SE “NNEGC “Energoatom” confirmed the leadership in power industry providing Ukraine with clean electrical power, assuring the highest safety level, implementing the strategy of corporate social responsibility and orienting to the UNO sustainable development goals. The results of activities in this and other areas, key achievements and future plans are represented in the SE “NNEGC “Energoatom” Sustainability Report 2017. This is the second Energoatom Sustainability Report prepared according to the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) standard.

In the current Report, in addition to the results of activities for 2017 and assessment of Energoatom’s impact on the environment, the Company’s contribution to the achievement of UNO sustainable development goals is also disclosed. As part of the preparation of the report, for the first time the matrix of compliance of the Company’s activity with the sustainable development goals has been developed and presented.  Particular attention is paid to the analysis of activities in the field of transparency and accountability, as well as to the interaction with stakeholders.

In his introductory word to the Sustainability Report, the President of SE “NNEGC “Energoatom” Yurii Nedashkovskyi emphasized that in 2017 the Company provided more than 55% of the total electricity production in Ukraine. “We conscientiously take our financial obligations – in 2017 Energoatom took the eighth place in TOP-10 largest domestic taxpayers, and also achieved significant success improving production, management and procurement procedures. Particularly the Company joined the Memorandum of cooperation in the project “ProZorro.Prodazhi”, and saved UAH 481.9 million on procurements. Our success was noted at the ProZorro Award contest – Energoatom won the nomination “Customer of the Year, who saved the most amount of money” – states the President of the Company.

He reminded, that in 2017 the outstanding for Energoatom and the whole country project has been launched – the construction of the Centralized Storage Facility for spent nuclear fuel from Ukrainian NPPs. “Ukraine made an important step towards the energy independence from Russian Federation. Moreover, the negotiations conducted in 2017 and due diligence by the Bank of America opened the way for US investments in Ukraine and allowed the placement of Bank of America bonds on the US stock market under OPIC guarantees worth USD 250 million. Energoatom received one of the highest credit ratings in the world (Moody’s Agency rated Energoatom as “Aa2”) and a very favorable crediting rate of 6.83% to raise funds for the CSFSF project. Such rating is a record for the debt instruments of Ukrainian issuers which attract funds at the international capital markets”, - stated Yurii Nedashkovskyi.

Among the most important events in 2017, which are specified in the Energoatom Sustainability Report, is the lifetime extension of Zaporizhzhya NPP power unit 3 preceded by a large-scale modernization of power unit equipment aimed at enhancement of power unit safe operation. Last year the Company fulfilled a significant amount of work within the diversification of nuclear fuel supply sources for Ukrainian NPPs, an outstanding result of this work was the full loading of South-Ukraine NPP unit 3 core with Westinghouse fuel, completed in July 2018. 

One of the priorities for Energoatom development remains the improvement of NPP personnel qualification, in 2017 a unique Training Center was opened at Zaporizhzhya NPP, which is a full-scope simulator of VVER-1000 reactor installation. Energoatom contributes to the development of the local community in the regions of operation, implements joint projects for the development of social infrastructure. The Company pays special attention to work with young people, a number of educational programs have been organized for schoolchildren, students and young specialists.

In the Sustainability report it is emphasized that the key tasks of Energoatom for 2018 and medium-term perspective are the fulfillment of planned measures on the improvement of NPP power units safety and their lifetime extension. This year Energoatom continues to make efforts to implement the project “Power Bridge “Ukraine – EU” which will allow to start the export of electricity from Khmelnytsky NPP to the European Union countries. No less important is the project of construction of new generating capacities, in particular, power units 3 and 4 of Khmelnytsky NPP, as well as the implementation of pilot projects for the construction of renewable energy sources – four solar power plants within the NPP location.

“We are determined to enhance safety and reliability of our NPPs with the involvement of leading Ukrainian companies and our partners from EU, the USA, Japan and others, and to strengthen Energoatom’s reputation as an innovative enterprise which contributes significantly to the development of the fuel and energy complex of Ukraine and energy security of EU countries.  We continue planning for further development as an efficient, modern enterprise responsible to our employees and all the stakeholders, and we do everything possible to ensure sustainable development of Ukrainian power industry, economy and society”, - summarizes the President of Energoatom Yurii Nedashkovskyi in his address.

The Sustainability Report of Energoatom is not only a printed document in Ukrainian and English languages, it is also a biolingual interactive version of the report (website) which is available at:

Non-Financial Report 2017