Swedish and Norwegian technical assistance will contribute to the implementation of Energoatom and Argonne National laboratory (USA) joint project

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Within the framework of international technical assistance of Sweden and Norway SE “NNEGC “Energoatom” has concluded a contract with Swedish Radiation Safety Authority (SSM) and Lloyd’s Register Consulting – Energy AB. The contract provides for granting to SE “NNEGC “Energoatom” the computer codes and licenses for RiskSpectrum/RiskWatcher software for SS “Zaporizhzhya NPP” (5 new pieces) and updating of the existing (used at SUNPP and KhNPP) codes and licenses as well as providing technical support and maintenance for these codes for three-year period. This software is an advanced tool for performing probabilistic safety analysis calculations and risk monitoring and is used at many nuclear power plants in Europe and the USA. According to the terms of the contract it is planned to conduct an introductory course on its use for Ukrainian specialists.

The contract was financed through free of charge assistance from the Government of Norway and Sweden. The total amount of the contract is 2 million 357 thousand Swedish kronor (which roughly corresponds to 250 thousand euros).  

In the course of the meeting regarding the abovementioned software at Ukrainian NPPs, Mr. Volodymyr Pyshnyi, the Vice-President of Energoatom, expressed his gratitude to Swedish and Norwegian specialists for quick implementation of the preparatory part of the project. “Based on my experience, I would like to note that the work that proceeded the conclusion of the contract was carried out in a very short time.  Today we are entering a qualitatively new level of cooperation in the area of nuclear energy technical assistance, I hope that the Royal Swedish Technical Institute, with which Energoatom representatives are already holding relevant talks, will joint it”, - Mr. Pyshnyi emphasized.

The Vice-President of the Company separately noted that since October 2017 Energoatom together with Argonne National Laboratory (USA) and with the support of the United States Government is implementing the project “Maintenance Optimization Program Based on Risk-informed NPP Configuration Management”. “RiskSpectrum/RiskWatcher software provided by Sweden and Norway will be used within this program. This software will allow us to ensure the implementation of the project together with Argonne National Laboratory on maintenance optimization of the equipment of Zaporizhzhya NPP power unit 2, which is assigned to be a pilot one, using risk-informed approaches. I am sure that through joint efforts we will be able to carry out this unique work at Ukrainian nuclear power plants”, the Vice-President of the Company said.  

In turn Zlatan Delalic, the representative of Swedish Radiation Safety Authority, also stressed the importance of qualitative preparation for the start of the direct application of the computer codes at Ukrainian NPPs. “If such work is done thoroughly, further implementation of the project will go smoothly. Also worth mentioning is the well-coordinated trilateral cooperation between Swedish, Norwegian and Ukrainian specialists. As a result, Energoatom has timely received an efficient tool to be used when performing works under the joint project with Argonne National Laboratory. Process of NPP power units maintenance optimization using risk-informed approaches includes the possibility of constructing a probabilistic model of risk analysis. Such analysis contributes to enhancement of power unit safe operation”, Zlatan Delalic said.  

He also said that in July this year the delegation of the Swedish Radiation Protection Authority is scheduled to visit Kiev office of Energoatom and Khmelnytsky NPP, during which the directions of further cooperation between Ukraine and SSM will be discussed and agreed. "I will be glad to hear your suggestions," Mr. Delalic added.

Reference. Cooperation with the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority (SSM) within the framework of technical assistance of the Government of the Kingdom of Sweden is carried out according to the Agreement between the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and the Government of the Kingdom of Sweden on the general terms of technical and financial cooperation of August 29, 2007.